'Glee' Goes Back To The Beginning


'Glee' Goes Back To The Beginning

passed a major, musical milestone this year by airing their 500th performance on March 7 and in the April 18 episode, New Directions is going back to where it all began with a Don't Stop Believin' redux!

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Their journey backwards comes as Rachel is auditioning for Funny Girl and "when she starts to sing, she realizes that she's singing Don't Stop Believin' and all the kids show up in her imagination to support her," Lea Michele told TV Guide.

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Flanked by Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith, Michele says the moment is very emotional -- but for Gleeks thinking they've heard this tune before (be it on tour or on their iPods), McHale teases, "the arrangement is a little different because of the context."

Take a moment to refresh your memory with the original before laying your ears on the remix come April 18!