Cool J and O' Donnell Come To Blows


With one Navy lieutenant dead, a pilot in serious condition and enough cyanide to wipe out the city, the NCIS: LA team is on the case as they try to figure out whether the poisoning of the two naval officers is an isolated incident or a calculated plan to poison LA’s drinking water.

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Fear of news getting out that the city’s water supply might be at risk before the team can figure out who is responsible for it heightens the case in hopes of preventing mass chaos and destruction.

LL Cool J and Chris O’ Donnell, play lead characters, G. Callen, the Special Agent in Charge of OSP, and Senior Field Agent Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL, consecutively. In the clip above, Callen and Hanna are playing against each other to distract and disperse the crowd of protestors who have gathered for the seemingly suspicious death of the fallen naval lieutenant.

To find out what happens in this episode, make sure to tune in to NCIS: LA tonight at 9/8C on CBS.