Inside Tonight's Emotional & Eventful 'Glee'


Inside Tonight's Emotional & Eventful 'Glee'

While Ryan Murphy is prone to hyperbole, the man wasn't kidding when he called tonight's Glee, "the most powerful emotional ever." Titled Shooting Star, the description says "something unthinkable" happens at the school, and while many people have guessed (or been spoiled as to) what that incident is, the fact remains seeing the McKinley cast (Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera do not appear in tonight's episode) bring this topical tale to life will leave you shaken long after the crisis ends.

Dot Marie Jones, who plays Coach Beiste, concurs with her boss, telling ETonline, "It's the most emotionally charged episode we've ever done. The show could be two hours long because there's so much packed into the hour; it's crazy."

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Aside from the inciting incident, which kicks off about halfway through the episode, Shooting Star also features Beiste confessing that she has a crush to Schue. Of the mystery man, Jones tells me, "When the fans find out who it is, they'll be able to put a lot of things together and it will totally make sense."

And Beiste plays into next week's episode as well, which Jones says resolves Ryder's "Catfishing" storyline. "He's such a sweet boy and that amazing storyline is really about how cruel people can be." She adds that when fans find out who is behind the IM's they will seriously be shocked.

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Sadly for Jones, she's yet to share a scene with the number one actor on wish list: Lord Tubbington! "I wish I could work with him," she laughs. "Tubbington reminds me of my cat, who is also a big boy."

airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.