Exclusive Clip: TV's Next Great Sci-Fi Series

Exclusive Clip: TV's Next Great Sci-Fi Series

While all the major networks seem incapable of launching slow burn serialized dramas, BBC America is taking them to school with the exhilarating, inventive and hypnotic Orphan Black.

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Revolving around a star-making performance from Tatiana Maslany, the series focuses on Sarah Manning -- a woman who gets much more than she bargained for after assuming the identity of Elizabeth Childs, a suicide victim who could be Sarah's twin.

Since then, Sarah's been rocked by one revelation after another: Elizabeth is a cop with a devoted boyfriend and a major legal problem stemming from a sketchy shooting. Also, it turns out Elizabeth's uncanny resemblance to Sarah is no coincidence -- in fact, that's just the beginning of her clone conundrum as last week's episode ended with the shock of Sarah meeting several of her "sisters!"

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In Saturday's all-new episode, Sarah's dying to skip town after learning she is a clone, but when the police unearth the body of Sarah's Russian clone, she's forced to find the killer. Plus, Sarah's fake relationship with Elizabeth's boyfriend heats up as you can see in ETonline's exclusive clip!

Orphan Black
airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on BBC America.