Mona Becomes An Official 'Liar' In New Trailer

ABC Family

Over the last three seasons Pretty Little Liars has taught fans to seek answers in the smallest of moments, and today is our Super Bowl because a new season four trailer features 30 seconds of super juicy new footage!

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It kicks off with the closing moment from A dAngerous gAme as Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily AND Mona open the trunk to reveal .... Lord only knows ... and culminates in an homage to the series premiere as Mona officially becomes the fifth Liar!

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Freak outs, car crashes, charred remains of Red Coat's coat and the most ominous text of all add up to the best 30 seconds of your day. Watch! 

Trust me, the wait for Pretty Little Liars' June 11 premiere just got a little more painful.