Exclusive: Double Trouble For Twin Sister Hoarders

Exclusive: Double Trouble For Twin Sister Hoarders

Identical twin sisters Phyllis and Patty have dealt with a hoarding compulsion for decades and things are once again out of control in the home they share, which is completely swamped with trash and filth. In this exclusive clip from the latest episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive, we learn that the sisters put the blame on each other for their mounding troubles.

With their shared passion to obsessively collect, Phyllis and Patty have transformed every home they've ever lived in into a complete disaster area. Five years ago their previous house was so filled with trash that authorities had no choice but to tear it down and those memories still make them angry.

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With their current home in jeopardy of being condemned at any moment, the sisters consult with a clinical psychologist in a bid to overcome their out-of-control hoarding tendencies once and for all so they can avoid being put out on the street.

For more, tune in to an all-new episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive -- tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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