Carrie Preston's Bloody Good Year

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2013 has been a busy one thus far for Carrie Preston. Not only has she been hard at work on the upcoming sixth season of HBO's True Blood, but in between Bon Temps takes she's been flying to New York City to film guest gigs on CBS' The Good Wife.

And fans are hoping she resumes the role of Elsbeth Tascioni on a more permanent basis as a spin-off for her character has been a hot topic online every single time the focused yet flighty legal eagle has blazed across the screen. Preston has her fingers crossed right along with fans, but until then she's pleased as punch (or, a glass of True Blood) to keep playing one of the lone humans in HBO's campy drama.

ETonline: Lots of behind the scenes changes coming into season six, with the exodus of showrunner Alan Ball and a shortened episode order. How do you think all of that has played into what we'll see on screen?

Carrie Preston: There's a different energy without Alan, but the showrunner now has been with us from the beginning, so there's a solid continuity to the storytelling. But I do think both of those things have given us a new spring in our step. All the actors are reinvesting in the show. As for the 10 episodes, I think it makes everything tighter. They still have to get everything they wanted to do into two less episodes, so it's got a real breakneck speed this season.

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ETonline: Between acting as a fairy doula and exorcising her son, Arlene really dealt with a lot of supernatural elements last season. Will we see a more accepting version of her this year?

Preston: Each year her eyes open a little wider and she becomes a little less narrow-minded. I think that's good for the show -- and for me as an actor [laughs]. She does represent the small town mentality so I think that's important to keep a little bit to contextualize what the vampires mean to this town.

ETonline: She also represents the human element in Bon Temps. Do you still stand by your statement that Arlene should never become a supernatural?

Preston: Oh yes. And with people dying or leaving the show or being turned into supernatural creatures, there's fewer and fewer humans by the episode, so I feel like I'm now the special one on the show because I don't have any powers.

ETonline: What can you say about season six?

Preston: We pick up right where we left off, and then a million other storylines get introduced. Every time I come to the table read there are 15 people I've never seen before ... and will never work with [laughs]. But I'll see them at the wrap party.

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ETonline: So Arlene and Terry will very much be dealing with the murder of Patrick at the start?

Preston: Yes, there are major emotional ramifications for what went down. I mean, we killed somebody.

ETonline: Switching gears to The Good Wife, will Elsbeth return in these final few episodes?

Preston: Not this season, but I'm hoping to do more next season!

ETonline: What do you make of her becoming such a fan favorite?

Preston: Oh my gosh, I was lucky in that I didn't even audition for the part, so it's all been such an amazing gift. When I read the role, I got so excited and nervous because I knew it had the potential to be something special, so I have been thrilled to be the person to take it there.

Etonline: Fans are clamoring for an Elsbeth spin-off. What do you think?

Preston: I want a spin-off! Make it happen. Write about it, start a petition, I'm totally in.

True Blood
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