'New Girl' Cast Teases Prank-Filled Season Finale

'New Girl' Cast Teases Prank-Filled Season Finale

As New Girl stars Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris, and Jake Johnson celebrated Earth Day at Grades of Green's annual event to generate funds for environmental education, they teased the upcoming finale to their second season.

Although they couldn't disclose any revealing details, they all teased that Morris (Winston) and Max Greenfield's characters (Schmidt) would be brewing up some mischief.

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"Winston and Schmidt and a whole host of others get very involved in Cece's wedding," Simone said of her character, who recently became engaged on the show to a relatively new character named "Shivrang." "That's all I'm going to say. ... [They're] troublemakers."

Johnson, who revealed that his character (Nick) will be predominantly involved with Zooey Deschanel's character (Jess) rather than scheming with the fellahs, teased a hodgepodge of random elements in the finale.

"Nick's a little bit more involved with Jess in the finale. He's kind of tied in with her [Winston and Schmidt] are tied up together," Johnson previewed. "There's a badger, and then Taylor Swift is there."

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As for the day's event, Johnson underscored how fundamentally important the environment is to us and why we should do what we can to make the planet sustainable.

"Obviously the environment matters," the 34-year-old actor said. "Without it, we're in a little bit of trouble. I'm excited to be [here] to support that."

Johnson not only supports sustainability in principle but also practices in his own backyard by keeping a compost pile, which he finds a "pretty cool" practice.

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From turning off your lights when they aren't in use to turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth to walking places instead of driving, the New Girl stars and The Mindy Show's Mindy Kaling all contributed their personal tips on environmental sustainability.

"Environmentalism, in general, is one of those causes where because you can't always put a face and an emotion to the victim of environmental damage, it's a harder cause in so many different ways," Kaling said. "So, it makes it an even more worthy [cause]."

Watch the video to hear Kaling and the New Girl stars tease their shows' finales.