Cool J & O'Connell Conspire on 'NCIS: LA'

Cool J & O'Connell Conspire on 'NCIS: LA'

On NCIS: LA, "Kensi" (Daniela Ruah) speaks three different languages, is a skilled lip-reader, and can interpret Morse code, but has trouble taking a hint from her co-workers, who are conspiring to get her to do a favor.

On tonight's episode of the police procedural, "Sam Hanna" (LL Cool J) and "G. Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) have special plans to go a basketball game together; however, an obstacle presents itself: Sam's babysitter cancels on him at the last minute.

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Needing to take immediate action so that he and G's plans don't fall through, Sam approaches Kensi, who doesn't catch his throat-clearing hint, and asks her what she is doing Saturday night.

Sam and G are strategically passive in asking Kensi to babysit Sam's kids, and it's eventually Kensi who backs herself into it, as she exclaims, "You want me to babysit?"

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Later on the episode, Kensi, performing her real job as a field agent, goes to Tijuana with "Marty" (Eric Christian Olsen) to track down a missing body that was stolen after a special task force takes down a notorious cartel boss.

Watch the sneak peek above, and check out the full episode of NCIS: LA tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.