Ziva and DiNozzo Share a Bed on 'NCIS'

Ziva and DiNozzo Share a Bed on 'NCIS'

A romance between "Ziva David" (Cote de Pablo) and "Tony DiNozzo" (Michael Weatherly) has been budding for a while on NCIS. Although they try to keep their relationship professional as co-workers, their attraction occasionally gets the better of them.

On tonight's episode of NCIS, Ziva and DiNozzo head to Berlin to track down her father's killer. While their trip to the German town is strictly business, the two share a hotel room and have a more personal experience than an average business trip.

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DiNozzo marvels at Ziva hanging up his clothes, which causes him to think about her in a different light as "the type."

"When I have a man, the favors I offer have little to do with clothes," Ziva saucily retorts.

Although there is a pull-out bed in the room, Ziva lies next to DiNozzo on the bed as they rest up to carry out an operation later that night. They then share an intimate moment as they talk about Ziva's father and avenging his death.

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Watch the sneak peek above and check out the full episode of NCIS tonight at 8 p.m.