Milano: 'Mistresses' Like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


With a title like Mistresses, star of the new series, Alyssa Milano, says you can expect friendships, fashion, extramarital affairs, and plenty of sex.

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"I like to say that this show is like Fifty Shades of Grey without the nipple clamps," Milano jokes with ET while on a set visit.

Based on the UK show of the same name, Mistresses, is a new ABC drama about the scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery. Along with Alyssa Milano who takes on the role of Savannah, it stars Jes Macallan, Rochelle Aytes, and Yunjin Kim, who play Josslyn, April and Karen, respectfully.

 The Charmed star adds, "It gets pretty racy. And I think it's time for that, especially for network television when were competing with the likes of cable shows that are able to push the envelope so much further than network shows."

Milano's character is a successful attorney who has lost the passion in her marriage as she and her husband, played by Brett Tucker, try to conceive a child. During the filming of the pilot, Milano had just given birth to her son, Milo, and was still breastfeeding. Contrary to the sexiness of her character, Milano says filming while breastfeeding was a little "bit of a mess."

"I would do these love scenes where I was totally making out and then have to go pump because, excuse me it is so gross, because I would start leaking on my sexy lingerie and I would have to go in the trailer and pump and then come back out and be like 'yeah, it's totally normal…let's make out!"

With four females as the lead characters, the show has been compared to Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City. Milano says while there are some similarities, Mistresses is more than just sex it has a lot of emotion, strong relationships and depth.

"Sex and the City was kind of a comedy and Desperate Housewives was a farce. And I think Mistresses is grounded in a place that is real and really heavy at times…"

Like Sex and the City, where fashion was a focal point, Mistresses also features some unique and forward styles says Jes Macallan, who plays, Josslyn, the free-spirited and capricious younger sister to Milano's character.

"It goes back to the four women with four different styles. We kind of have a taste for everybody….But all very, very fashionable. We wouldn't be women."

And when it comes to the men on the show, Rochelle Aytes, who plays April, a widow who learns her deceased husband had an affair, says there is plenty of manly eye-candy as well.

"So hot. They're so hot. So exciting…and some of them are losing their shirts and working out. I've been counting the six packs."

"That's for the ladies.You know. Equal opportunity nakedness," jokes Macallan.

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Mistresses will make its debut on Monday June 6 on ABC.