'The Office' Clip: Andy is Ready For His Closeup!

'The Office' Clip: Andy is Ready For His Closeup!

As The Office roars through its final season, the impending release of the nine-years-in-the-making documentary has started to go to Andy's head.

Ed Helms character, who's tenure as manager has somehow been more incompetent than the since-departed Michael Scott (Steve Carell), has enlisted guest star Roseanne Barr as the talent agent who will take him to the top. Unfortunately for our lovable idiot, it's not quite what he expected.

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In this clip from tomorrow's episode, Andy finds his first gig in what looks to be a medical research lab. But at least he's got a chair!

However, as the scene unfolds, Andy struggles to remain stubbornly optimistic, even after a woman the aspiring star mistakes for a fan approaches with a camera, only to remark that "we just need a picture of the top of your head in case we burn your hair off."

It might not be Broadway, but you have to start somewhere, Andy.

Watch the video above for the entire clip, and don't miss an all new episode of The Office Thursday, April 25 at 9/8c on NBC.