'Chicago Fire' Hunks on Dealing with Obsessed Fans


One of NBC's brightest new shows this season has been the firefighter drama Chicago Fire and ET Canada's Erin Cebula traveled to the set of the sizzling series to speak with hunky stars Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer about the show and the constant attention they're getting from obsessed female fans!

When asked about what it takes to stay in shape for the show -- in which they're sometimes shirtless -- the two said that being on this type of show definitely makes it easier to keep fit without spending endless hours in the gym. "You get to the gym when you can, but a lot of it's on the job," Taylor said. "You're running around for 12 hours with 70 pounds of gear on, so it's a workout."

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The sexy stars from Chicago's fictional Firehouse 51 acknowledge they're getting a ton of attention from fans, but joked that they're slowly learning to cope. "Yeah we have people following us around, and crowds and stuff," Jesse said. Adds Taylor: "It's a good thing."

Watch the video for more from the set of Chicago Fire, which airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC, including the stars' reaction to the newest member of the cast - a cute, furry friend named Pouch!

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