Undercover Boss Delivers Rude Awakening


One Retro Fitness employee is in for a big surprise when confronted by CEO Eric Casaburi on the next Undercover Boss.

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Posing as an aspiring gym manager, Eric meets a receptionist with unorthodox ways of assisting gym members.

"Most of the time I'm just like this," says the receptionist, fidgeting with her cell phone.

Not knowing that she's speaking to the company's founder, the receptionist lends some advice on how Eric should operate his future business, saying, "You can run your gym the way you want it to run. You can have your employees not take out their phone and take selfies all day, but that's what I like to do."

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Eric may have been even more taken aback by the receptionist's philosophy on dealing with customers.

"I'm not a [expletive] slave," the receptionist explains. "I don't [expletive] work for [the customer]. With some people I just want to punch them in the face sometimes."

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