Busey Goes 'Barking Mad' On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Busey Goes 'Barking Mad' On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

It’s mid-season and with only six All-Stars remaining, the pressure is on for the cast of The Celebrity Apprentice 6. In the upcoming episode, things go a little ‘crazy’ as Gary Busey goes head to head in a challenge with Lil Jon.

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The remaining group is divided in half with Busey heading the Plan B project team and Lil Jon managing the Power project comprised of Trace Adkins and Mary Lou Henner. Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette join Busey as the teams are tasked with writing, producing, and directing a demonstrational video to highlight LG’s Smart Home and Home Entertainment systems.

Busey’s concept for the video involves household appliances and a mechanical dog which the 68 year-old Point Break actor portrays in the commercial.

''What will LG do next? You’ll hear dad say, ‘they’re gonna create a mechanical dog,'" Busey says of his concept.

Busey outlines the video, dominates writing the script, and casts the actors, all of which Rinna and Jillette are not happy with.

''Gary is bats#*t crazy. Period. End of story,” Lisa Rinna says. ''I really feel like Penn and I are going to have to work 3 or 4 times as hard for Gary. He’s got to step up now. We’re all stars. The top 6.”

''Gary had surprisingly picked two women of the same age to play his wife and his daughter in some sort of weird Mormon sister-wife thing,” Jillette says. '' It’s creepy.”

Busey's improvisation of a 'mechanical dog' is one of a man-turned-vomiting creature , in short, a portrayal that is not very convincing to his team mates or Ivanka Trump who asks Busey, "Was the mechanical dog barking or throwing up?"

Here are some quotes from Busey from throughout the episode.

''You’re given the ingredients to make a cake. If some of the ingredients refuse to come into the cake, you won’t have a good cake”-when talking about Rinna and Jillette.

''I feel like a salmon swimming down the stream with Lisa"-about disagreeing with Lisa.

''I’m so happy I chose you. I don’t choose you, the spirit of the work chooses you and I know the performances and the joy of emotions that you will give to this little short lives 5000 miles past heaven and that’s a beautiful place to live" –when talking to the actors in the commercial.

''I’ve been out of my body twice and I stopped breathing for eight minutes…and I was told by a medicine man years ago ‘when you leave your body, don’t get to far away from it because you might not find your way back.'"-when talking to the actors.

Season 6 brought back an ''All Star" celebrity cast including Brande Roderick, Claudia Jordan, Dennis Rodman, La Toya Jackson, Lil Jon, Omarosa and the only previous winner Bret Michaels which formed team Power. Team Plan B was formed by Dee Snider, Gary Busey, Lisa Rinna, Marilu Henner, Penn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin and Trace Adkins for a total of 14.

Joan Rivers guest stars on this episode which airs Sunday April 28 at 9/8c on NBC.

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