5 'Once Upon A Time' Finale Spoilers!


With titles like Second Star to the Right and And Straight On 'Til Morning, Once Upon A Time fans have been buzzing that the final two episodes of the season would introduce, at long last, Peter Pan and Neverland. Something ABC semi-confirmed this morning when they released the opening act of next Sunday's penultimate episode [watch that here] where young Baelfire meets Wendy Darling ... in Victorian England!

The sneak peek also introduces an intriguing new entity known as The Home Office, a mysterious organization that tasked Tamara and Greg to Storybrooke for a still-unknown purpose.

This morning, Once Upon A Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis met with reporters for a roundtable discussion about those aforementioned developments, what the final two episodes have in store for fans and their biggest season two regret!

Hooked on Neverland

The next two episodes are, in many ways, one prolonged story with both installments focusing on Baelfire's backstory, and how he could become Peter Pan. "We've hinted that Baelfire knew somebody from the world of Peter Pan and we know that he has a weird connection to this person," Kitsis told us. "And this person will be seen and he has beautiful guyliner ... and a shiny hand." He added, "The finale is very Hook-centric in the flashback."

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What Is The Home Office?

In the clip
, Tamara talks about sending the magic beans and Regina's black diamond back to The Home Office for analysis. The creators promise fans will learn what The Home Office is and what they're after, but not why they want it over the next two episodes. Eddy adds, "We've all been trained with Initiatives and secret organizations, [so] we're hoping to lead you down a different path."

The same goes for Tamara and Greg. "By the end of this season, you will know a lot more about what Greg and Tamara are trying to achieve, who they're working for and what that means for all our characters," Adam says. "They're here for a mission and whether or not they succeed in that mission will be in the finale."

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How Final Will The Finale Be?

In last night's episode, Regina revealed that there is, effectively, a self-destruct button for the curse. One that would destroy everybody in Storybrooke and reset the timeline. "Unfortunately for Regina, she's now strapped to a table and the two people who have it seem hellbent on getting rid of this town," Eddy says, before revealing, "We are definitely going to see what that black diamond does because you can't show a bomb and not have it go off."

Familiar Faces Will Return

The next two episodes will also see the return of Mulan, Aurora and Prince Phillip, the creators revealed. But there are a couple characters OUAT fans will never see. "We are not bringing Star Wars on, other than the ringtones," Eddie says about ABC's parent company acquiring rights to the Star Wars universe. "There are no huger fans of Star Wars than [Eddy and I], Adam continued. "[But] the way we've conceived the show sadly never included Star Wars. And I don't think it should."

Biggest Season Two Regret

Eddy and Adam also took a moment to address a major fan complaint this season: The Tasing of Pinocchio. "Here's the thing, we thought, 'We need a real world weapon.'" In the moments in making that decision we never realized the backlash that would be from a taser," Eddy emphatically said. "We just figured the audience assumed it wasn't a taser ... but they didn't. So I got a lot of history lessons about wood and conducting electricity. If I could go back one season and change one thing, I would have made it a syringe. If she had just taken a [glowing] syringe and shoved it into the dragon, no one would give a sh*t. I am sorry we chose a taser. We are willing to take the hit for the taser. We f*cked up."


Not necessarily a spoiler, but more of a preview since ABC is actively pursuing a potential spin-off, titled Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, for fall. Starring Sophie Lowe as Alice, Michael Socha as the Knave of Hearts, Peter Gadiot as Cyrus, Emma Rigby as the Red Queen and Paul Reubens providing the White Rabbit voice, Adam and Eddy would also serve as executive producers on the project and opened up about the show's logistics today.

"Wonderland takes place post-curse," Eddy said. "The pilot of Wonderland starts when magic comes back and the wraith happens. Then it runs concurrent. Present day Wonderland [is] post-Queen of Hearts. Just as we saw in the Enchanted Forrest, there are pockets that are saved and then we will flash back during the show, similar to [OUAT], to say how Alice got there [and introduce] the Knave of Hearts, which is a new character we’re throwing around."

And while familiar faces will abound (they'd love to bring back Barbara Hershey, Rose McGowan and Sebastian Stan as Cora, Young Cora and The Mad Hatter should scheduling permit), the show is designed to welcome new viewers as well. "It's a self-contained story," Adam says. "As far as the mythology of the two shows, Wonderland touches Once Upon a Time but also is intended to be its own thing. Which is not to say there couldn't be crossover possibilities."

Although any current Once characters coming to Wonderland would have to arrive creatively since "season three of Once will be running its own thing and it would be confusing to have someone say, 'Oh, I have to go visit my friend in Wonderland,'" Eddy laughed.

Both men were excited not only to give Alice proper attention ("We had all these ideas for the character of Alice, but our show isn't interested in doing a big Alice arc. This is."), but for fans to see the secrets they've infused Wonderland with. "If it goes forward, you'll see very quickly there's more to Wonderland than just Wonderland. There's one big mash-up," Eddy teased.

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.