'Girl Code' Teaches You How to Dance Sexy

'Girl Code' Teaches You How to Dance Sexy

Girl Code, the companion to the hilarious Guy Code, airs tonight on MTV, and in this episode, the delicate subject of dancing is discussed by the show's knowledgeable comedians.

"The dance moves that attract guys are the ones that involve any kind of backing, popping or dropping," Tanisha Long advises.

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"If you're moving your body you gotta do the eyes thing, a little giggle, a little smile -- even though you know it's stupid," Nessa smiles.

Though according to Jeff Dye, girls hardly have to try at all.

"I've never looked at a girl and been like, 'what's she dancing like that for?,'" he explains. "It's always good ... It's always like, 'yeah, that's a dancing lady.'"

Check out ETonline's exclusive clip from tonight's episode to hear Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino's theory on why girls dance in a circle.

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Girl Code -- where everyday women's issues are discussed by a hilarious team of contributors -- airs at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.