'NCIS' Cast Teases Season 10 Finale


With the finale of their tenth season airing tonight, ET caught up with the cast of NCIS before they appeared on The Talk today for a preview of the finale and their thoughts on the show after ten seasons.

The cast of the procedural drama said that they were very excited to see tonight's finale, nearly as excited as their eager fans.

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Although they act on the show, they have been kept in the dark on story arc of the series finale.

"Every week we get a new script and we don't know what's going to happen," said Brian Dietzen ("Jimmy Palmer"). "In this instance, we've shot it and we still don't know what's going to happen."

Despite their lack of shareable knowledge, Michael Weatherly threw in a hint on the finale, foreshadowing a look into the other residences of "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon).

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The show's audience has been strong as ever in its tenth season, dominating primetime television with an average viewership of over 19 million in the U.S. Harmon expressed his pride in the show's success.

"There's a lot to be proud of here," the 61-year-old actor said. "We're just finishing the season so we're on a publicity thing now...but after tomorrow, we'll all go away until July; we'll all have a job to come back to and so does a crew of 300. So, that feels pretty good, and also, if you're the No. 1 show, what's so wrong about that?"

The NCIS crew revealed that their appearance on The Talk was their first as a joint group, but the ladies of The Talk said that they wouldn't go easy on them because of it.

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"'The Talk' is turning the tables on 'NCIS' and we're turning up the heat," co-host Julie Chen said. "That Mark Harmon, I know he looks so handsome—Michael Weatherly, Brian Dietzen, so handsome. Oh no! We're going to make it get ugly!"

The series finale of NCIS Season 10 airs tonight at 8 p.m. The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.