Could 'Chicago Fire' Cast Be Real Firefighters?


The cast of Chicago Fire performs some miraculous tasks as their firefighter characters, but do they think they have what it takes to be firefighters in the real world?

ET Canada
caught up with the actors of the drama to discover if they think their onscreen skills would be able to translate to a real firehouse. They weren't too confident about their abilities.

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"I want to say yes [but] I'm not qualified," said Charlie Barnett ("Peter Mills"). "It'd be stepping on a lot of firefighters' toes who have been working incredibly hard to get where they are in their lives by saying, 'Yeah, I could do this.'"

Jesse Spencer, whose character "Matthew Casey" is the leader of the show's main fire truck, expressed similar thoughts, saying that he'd like to think he could undertake the duties of a firefighter but the reality of it would be much more different than he'd anticipate.

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Although the show's romance is fictional like their firefighting skills, Barnett, whose character becomes romantically involved with Monica Raymund's ("Gabriela Dawson"), revealed that he hopes their characters continue their fling.

"I would love if Dawson chose me. I love Monica," Barnett said. "I've known her...since I was thirteen years old back in Florida, but she's like a sister to me. Although it kind of is weird making out with your sister, she's still really hot."

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The show, which premiered in October, was recently renewed for a second season, weeks before the finale of Season 1.

"We're stoked," Spencer said of the show being renewed. "The crew's over the moon."

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