Sneak Peek: Rayna Faces The Music On 'Nashville'


In the world of country music as played out on ABC's Nashville, trouble continues to brew as the Queen of Country, Rayna Jaymes, played by Connie Britton, butts heads with soon to be ex-husband, Teddy.

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Rayna's ongoing emotional and most recently, physical relationship, with longtime beau Deacon creates tension between her and Teddy.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Deacon is spending some quality time with Rayna's two young daughters, Maddie and Daphne, singing some a cappella pop tunes country style when Teddy returns home. He is livid because he does not want his children spending time around Deacon. And though Teddy cheated on Rayna causing the initial onset of their pending divorce, he accuses Rayna of being an emotional cheater.

"What the hell is this, I thought I made my position clear. I walk into my house and he is just sitting here," Teddy says of Deacon's visit.

"We are getting a divorce. This is not your call," Rayna quips back. "You were having an affair."

"So were you. An emotional one," Teddy says, referring to Rayna and Deacon's long-standing history.

Rayna denies ever having an emotional let alone physical affair with Deacon, but Teddy may not be entirely wrong as rumors continue to circulate this season that Deacon is actually Maddie’s biological father. It is yet to be revealed whether that is true or not or if it happened before or after Rayna's marriage to Teddy.

Also in the episode titled, "A Picture from Life's Other Side," Juliette, country music's rising new star and Rayna's much younger competition, is struggling, but gets some unexpected help from Jolene. Avery and Will, separately, both get a chance to shine with bigger stars but the true potential of their budding relationships are yet to be revealed. And finally, Tandy takes her own agenda to the board of Wyatt Industries.

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To view a sneak peek of this episode, check out the video above.

The next episode of Nashville airs May 15 at 11 p.m. on ABC.