Why Rebel Wilson's New Show is the 'Anti-SATC'


The hilarious Rebel Wilson is coming to television this fall with her new ABC show Super Fun Night, and ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with the Pitch Perfect star at Tuesday's ABC Upfronts in New York City to talk about why her show is the "anti-Sex and the City."

"I mean, these girls have no fashion sense. They don't get laid, and they eat real food," she said about the three main characters. "When you see us walking down the street we're not like Carrie Bradshaw. We're like, real girls."

First Look: Rebel Wilson's 'Super Fun Night'

The new show -- co-created and produced by Conan O'Brien and Rebel Wilson, who also serves as the series writer -- revolves around three single ladies who for the past 13 years have set aside every Friday night as "Friday Fun Night." But things get a whole more interesting when Kimmie Boubier (Wilson) befriends an attorney.

And of course we can expect Wilson's signature comedy to be front and center.

"My dress does rips off in episode one. Can't get any more embarrassing than that," Wilson laughed.

But on a serious note, Wilson appreciates the message of the highly anticipated new comedy.

"I like that with Super Fun Night, I'm kind of encouraging girls who may not feel they're the prettiest or the most popular, to just get out there and have a life," she said. "And I think that's a really good message so that's what I like about this show. ... Don't starve yourself, that's all I'll say. Just enjoy life."

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Check out the trailer for Super Fun Nighthere.

Super Fun Night is set to air this fall on Wednesdays nights at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.