'Office' Cast Gets Emotional in Finale Featurette


It just can't be over. There's no way. And yet, here we are gearing up for the series finale of The Office on NBC.

In a new featurette, the cast of the ending NBC comedy reflect on their nine-season run. Obviously, it gets a little emotional.

"We've had a year to wrap our heads around this," said Ed Helms who joined the cast as 'Andy' in season three, "but you don't really comprehend it 'til it's happening."

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Helms of course, is celebrating the conclusion of another project this year -- The Hangover Part III, which premieres May 24.

While the blockbuster Hangover comedy franchise really skyrocketed Helms' career, when he joined The Office family, it was his first stint as a series regular on network television.

The relatively unknown Helms would come to be a fan-favorite, eventually ascending to Michael Scott's highly-coveted management position when Steve Carell departed the series in its seventh season.

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Another actor who came into prominence at Dunder Mifflin is John Krasinksi. Having been with the show since the beginning as Jim (as in one-half of Jim and Pam, the greatest TV romance of all time ever), Krasinski opened up about how moving on won't be easy.

"It's losing a family for now, so it's going to be really hard."

Watch the above featurette for more cast goodbyes, as well as some memorable Office moments for fans to enjoy.

And don't miss The Office finale when it airs tomorrow night at 9/8c on NBC.