Josh Holloway on Ditching His 'Lost' Hair


Josh Holloway became famous as the shaggy conman, Sawyer, on Lost, but now Josh has a new job which required a new haircut. Judging by Brooke Anderson's conversation with Josh at the CBS upfronts on Wednesday, he welcomed the change.

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Josh said that he "couldn't wait to get rid of" his natural mane, which he nicknamed "the wig."

The new haircut might actually even have a positive effect on his performance, as Josh explained that his long locks sometimes interfered with shooting.

"[My] best takes are on the cutting room floor because of hair in the face," Josh said. "They're like, 'That was great, but we gotta do it again.'"

For his new role on the upcoming show Intelligence, Josh will play an agent who can access the entire electromagnetic spectrum due to a microchip implanted in his brain. Josh also adopted a clean shave for the show, removing the scruff that Josh nicknamed "the squirrel."

Intelligence will air Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.