Williams & Gellar Preview New Series 'Crazy Ones'

Williams & Gellar Preview New Series 'Crazy Ones'

In what has the potential to be a smash hit, comedic actor Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are teaming up for the upcoming comedy series The Crazy Ones. ET got all the details about the series from the duo at CBS' Upfronts.

The series marks Williams' return to series television for the first time in over 30 years, since the conclusion of sitcom that launched his career, Mork & Mindy, in 1982.

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"Good people," Williams cited as his reasoning for returning to series TV. "It's hard to pass up something David Kelley (producer) offers you...and [Sarah], she's amazing and there's a lot of others that are just as funny. So, that really helps, and the stuff is so well-written I went, 'Wow! This is good times!'"

In the single-camera comedy, Williams plays the role of "Simon Roberts," the head of an ad agency whose is known for his unorthodox business practices and erratic behavior. His daughter, "Sydney Robert," played by Gellar, is the polar opposite of her father—living a very tamed and structured life.

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Gellar is also making a return of sorts to series TV. Although her official return to TV following the 2003 finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was in Fall 2011 on the mystery series Slayer, the show was canceled after one season.

She expressed excitement and honor to be working alongside a legendary comedian in the show.

"My greatest job is keeping a straight face when Robin riffs," the 36-year-old actress said. "...You're talking about one of the greatest standup comics in the history of standup comedy. ... I let him go and I work really hard on keeping a straight face."

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Gellar was even more generous when explaining what Williams brings to the television series. According to her account, viewers should anticipate to see more of Williams' comedic skills in the series than ever before.

"He has so much to give comically that people haven't even seen, and dramatically [as well]," said Gellar, who won an Emmy as a teenager for her role on soap opera All My Children.

Williams, who was overwhelmed by Gellar's flattering comments, said that although comedy is at the forefront of the series, it doesn't overbearingly dominant it.

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"It's interesting because there's elements of drama too, which is really nice 'cause...it's not like 'Bang! Bang!'" the 61-year-old actor said. "There's some really interesting commentary on...the dynamic of a father [and] daughter trying to work trying to work through two different schools of thought."

Watch the video to hear Williams and Gellar preview their upcoming series The Crazy Ones.