Bosses Reflect on Their 'Undercover' Experiences


For four seasons, bosses have been getting an up-close-and-personal look at the activity level of their businesses on Undercover Boss. Now that they've had a chance to let it sink in, the bosses reflect on their experiences on the show.

In the upcoming season finale of the reality series, entitled "Epic Bosses," we get an update from past undercover bosses from Hooters, Cinnabon, Modell's Sporting Goods, wine company Kendall-Jackson, Subway, and more.

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As we see in the clips, the bosses have been significantly affected by going undercover and experiencing their businesses at ground level.

"Even with the negative parts, overall, the 'Undercover Boss' experience...was very positive. I think the morale actually was heightened and everybody felt more of a sense of family," said former Hooters CEO Coby Brooks, who was on the show's second episode.

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While most of the bosses focused on the effect that the experience had on their businesses, CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods, Mitch Modell, revealed that going undercover inspired him achieve a personal feat of getting healthy.

Working as a sales associate in one of his sporting goods stores on the premiere episode of the current season, Modell was faced with the reality of his poor health. The experience made him reflect on his late brother's unfortunate health ailments and motivated him to cease taking his health for granted.

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"Seeing myself on TV and reflecting back on [my brother] was the tipping point," Modell said. "From that point on, I...hired a trainer."

Watch the sneak peek above and check out the season finale of Undercover Boss Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS.