Watch 'Office' Finale Scenes; Cast Says Goodbye


The fan-favorite NBC sitcom The Office is saying goodbye tonight, and as we've said before and can't stress enough, that is seriously upsetting.

To take your mind off the fact that the series' end is in fact upon us, check out these three new sneak peek scenes from the finale, which offer some insight into what the fans can expect from their last hurrah at Dunder Mifflin.

In the first clip, Jim and Dwight (played by John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson, respectively) appear to have turned their nine-year prank-filled rivalry into... somewhat of a bromance as Jim, as the best man of Dwight's wedding, is tasked with planning a proper Schrute bachelor party.

While we learn per Dwight that the party should not feature any "accidental murders," the rest is left a mystery as Jim promises "only good surprises."

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Rainn Wilson actually commented on what he calls "a brilliant episode," saying that, "it was great to see our characters getting... maybe not what they wanted, but what they most needed."

This "you can't always get what you want" sentiment is alive and well in the second scene, in which we find Hangover star Ed Helms' character Andy dealing with his non-starter fame pursuit turning into an embarrassing singing competition show audition that goes viral in "the wrong way."

While Andy is humbled, Helms, coming off of the success of both his Hangover franchise and long-running TV comedy, just wants to pay respect to the memories.

"How did I spend these seven years? I spent it with these wonderful people trying to make each other laugh, and working really hard. And... that's time well spent."

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In the last preview clip, Andy and Darryl (Craig Robinson, one of the stars in the upcoming James Franco comedy This Is The End) are unexpectedly reunited on their old Scranton stomping grounds. Obviously, the conniving Jim is the one bringing everyone together, but just how does he do it?

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You'll have to watch the scenes above to find out, which also include thoughts from Krasinski, Helms, and Wilson on the hit NBC comedy they're leaving behind.

Don't miss The Office finale tonight on NBC at 9/8c.