Crisis Expert Who Inspired 'Scandal' Teases Finale


Fans of ABC's political hit Scandal only have a few more hours before the Season 2 finale airs and ET's Brooke Anderson sat down with the real-life crisis manger who inspired the show -- who promises that viewers will be shocked beyond belief with the show's conclusion.

"I think they're going to love it, and they are going to be incredibly surprised," said Judy Smith, founder and president of crisis communications firm Smith and Company, and who also serves as co-executive producer of the show. "But I think the really sad thing is, there will be no Scandal for the whole summer -- I don't know how people are going to make it."

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Speaking about the Scandal cast, which recently gathered together to view the season finale episode, Smith said they maintain a family atmosphere both on and off the set. "Everybody's very close, the camaraderie on the set is amazing, and they also carry it off set, they get together at each others' homes, they practice lines, it's great."

Smith provides insight and technical expertise on crisis management issues dealt with on the show and said that she often consults with creator Shonda Rhimes to make sure the scripts conform to the realities of today's political world.

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When asked whether she turns down ideas for Kerry Washington's character Olivia Pope because it wouldn't be something she'd do in real life, she struck a humorous tone. "I would probably have to start with not having a relationship with the president -- I would start off with 'I wouldn't do that,' and I did not do that," she joked.

Watch the video for more and be sure to catch the Scandal finale tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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