Chris Gorham Teases New 'Covert Affairs' Episodes!


Covert Affairs
brought season three to a close with two wonderful cliffhangers: Annie and Auggie finally hooked up, but not before she accepted a secret mission from Henry Wilcox. And when season four premieres on July 16, Annie will still be in the throes of both decisions.

PHOTO - Exclusive First Look at Covert Affairs Season Four

"Annie and Auggie are in a full-fledged relationship when we start the season and it's kind of great," star Christopher Gorham told me at yesterday's USA Upfront event in New York City. "I really love how we're doing it too because I always felt like their relationship played out so realistically over the last three years – they always liked each other but were both in other relationships. Now that they're both single and available and still very attracted to one another, they've come together. The relationship develops in a very natural way out of that."

But the new relationship brings with it some new complications as Auggie is now viewing Annie's missions through the eyes of a lover. "We really explore how both of them deal with, and readjust, their feelings to these jobs now that their relationship has changed," he says.

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While love is a clear theme, Gorham believes season four is really about how everyone handles the keeping and learning of big secrets -- and the keeping part is not strictly limited to Annie. "Auggie has a whopper of a secret this year," he teases, "and the fallout from that is going to be huge -- huge!"

Covert Affairs
premieres July 16 at 9 p.m. on USA.