Sneak Peek: 'Modern Family' Says Goodbye


Season four of Modern Family is coming to an end, but that isn't the only goodbye the show has in its finale.

In the upcoming episode, Phil's mother Gracie dies, and the entire family gathers together in Florida to pay their condolences and keep Phil company as he mourns his loss.

"Gracie was such a kind and whimsical soul. The different animals she put antlers on for Christmas cards inspired me," Cam (Eric Stonestreet) tells Phil (Ty Burrell) upon first greeting him in Florida.

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"And not one of them was photo-shopped," quips a saddened Phil.

"Not even the alligator?" Cam asks.

"Cost her the tip of her pinky but she had no regrets," the family man says of his recently deceased mother.

Though often talked about, Phil's mom was rarely seen on Modern Family, unlike Phil's father Frank, played by Best In Show's Fred Willard. Frank is essentially a joking, irresponsible older version of Phil.

Claire, Phil's faithful wife of 20 years played by Julie Bowen, is happy to be emotionally supportive of her husband and cannot wait to bring her husband's favorite travel pillow down to Florida. Claire assumes that Phil misses her terribly and needs a shoulder to cry on. However, as shown in the hilarious clip above, the only thing Phil really misses is his foam pillow.

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Also in this episode, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is faced with an outstanding arrest warrant and Jay (Ed O'Neill) runs into a blast from the past.

For a sneak peek of the "Goodnight Gracie" episode, check out the clip above.

The season four finale of Modern Family airs Wednesday, May 22, at 9 p.m. on ABC.