Exclusive: 'The Game' Gets Heated


The tense locker room atmosphere finally threatens to reach its boiling point in this exclusive clip from the mid-season finale of The Game, in which the guys mercilessly give Jason a hard time about his wife Chardonnay's "kiss" with basketball player Rick Fox.

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"It's an age old story OK," his teammate jokes. "Working class girl meets a professional football player, gets a taste of the good life, then what? Shoots her way over to a basketball player. Then who? Slides her way over to a baseball player, and then what? Ice skates her way over to a hockey player, baby."

Check out the exclusive clip to see how Jason reacts to the less than friendly ribbing.

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The Game's mid-season finale, which promises a confrontation between Jason and Chardonnay when all the cheating rumors finally come to a head, airs tonight at 10 p.m. on BET.