Watch: Major Deacon Problems in 'Nashville' Finale


Wednesday is the season finale of ABC's Nashville, and if these two preview clips are any indication, things are about to get pretty messy in Music City for guitarist Deacon Claybourne.

Last week brought us the overdose and death of Juliette's mother, who murdered Dante, presumably bringing the "sex tape blackmail" story line to its conclusion, and a discovery by Rayna's oldest daughter of a paternity test showing that Deacon is her real father.

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In the sneak peek scenes above, it's clear that Deacon -- who had first helped Juliette's mom to sobriety, and is about to find out that he's been the unbeknownst father to one of Rayna's daughters all these years -- is in for a pretty rough episode.

Does this signal another tragic setback for Rayna and Deacon's rocky romance? That's still unclear, but it isNashville, where trouble is never far off, so... probably yes.

Other highlights from the episode include a visit from country star Brad Paisley, who guest stars as himself.

Watch the video above for a first look at two scenes from the Nashville finale, which airs tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC.