Lauren Graham Reveals 'Parenthood' Season 5 Hopes

Lauren Graham Reveals 'Parenthood' Season 5 Hopes

News that Parenthood would not only be renewed for a fifth season, but a proper 22-episode fifth season, was met with applause -- and naturally some tears -- in the ETonline offices.

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But now that it's also been confirmed Jason Ritter's new pilot, Us & Them co-starring Alexis Bledel, scored a pick-up at Fox, I began to wonder what was next for Sarah Braverman, played by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Lauren Graham!

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Luckily I had the chance to find out, straight from the star herself, what season five might entail for Sarah when I caught up with Graham at NBC's Fall Upfront last week! Not only did we talk about Sarah's latest bedroom upgrade, but it turns out Lauren's quest to snag one of Rory Gilmore's ex-boyfriends is still very much on the agenda! Watch!

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