'Chicago Fire' Teases Dangerous, Dramatic Finale


To culminate a premiere season filled with a variety of drama on and off the job, Chicago Fire has an intense finale lined up, loaded with suspenseful drama. ETonline has your sneak peek.

In the final episode of Season 1, personal and professional matters are unfolding at the same time, especially for "Mills" (Charlie Barnett) and "Dawson" (Monica Raymund), who have reached an obstacle in their romantic relationship.

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Nevertheless, the Firehouse 51 crew must keep the two separate in order to keep concentrated. They'll need to focus all their aptitude on their work in the finale, as they fight a fire—and other elements—inside of a prison.

"There's a fire in a prison [that] some of the detainees have started," Barnett previews. "It's Peter Mills' first jail fire...so he's...anticipating what could happen: good or bad. He's nervous but still trying to stand tall and put his chest out."

As the fire burns and causes a ruckus in the jail, Mills tries to reignite his flame with Dawson. While the two are aiding a wounded prisoner, Mills attempts to make amends with her after their recent argument.

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"In this cell, he asks me, 'Let's try this again, but I only want to be with you if you don't have feelings for Casey,'" Raymund teases. "...I'm like, 'This is really not the right time!'...and then we don't get to the end of that question until later. So, you guys will see towards the end of this finale episode how Mills and Dawson deal with it."

Although their relationship is important to them, its importance pales in comparison to the task at hand, as not only is there a fire in the prison but a brewing riot as well. That, in combination with the logistical nightmare of firefighting in a jail, makes for one of the most difficult scenarios the crew has ever experienced.

"Inmates have problems with authority figures period," David Eigenberg ("Hermann") notes."...The problem is...that everywhere you go, you got to unlock a door, and then once you go through the door, the door locks behind you."

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The plot of the finale may be fictional but that doesn't suggest that the actors have it much easier than real firefighters. Jesse Spencer ("Lieutenant Casey") says production has been rigorous and demanding.

"It's been a rollercoaster ride," Spencer said. "...It's just physically hard. [The] last couple of weeks it's just been insane. I've lost weight. I can't stop sweating. I go through three shirts a day, so we're all getting a free workout."

The season finale of Chicago Fire airs tomorrow at 10 p.m. on NBC.