'Rookie Blue' Cast Talks Season Four


Rookie Blue returns with its highly anticipated fourth season premiere tonight on ABC, and the photogenic cast let ET Canada inside their fun photoshoot where they also talked about the show's brand-new season!

"I have to refrain [from saying too much] because I get myself into lots of trouble," actress Charlotte Sullivan (Gail Peck) laughs. "It's hard to talk about the growth of my character if I'm not allowed to speak of certain aspects, but there's a very very big change with Gail."

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The new season is also welcoming some brand-new faces to 15 Division.

"It's scary, it's like being the new kid in school right?," Priscilla Faia, who plays Chloe Price, tells ET. "The cast and the crew are incredibly amazing and welcomed me with open arms."

"The first episode that we filmed for me was intense, so that was the initiation," fellow newcomer Rachel Ancheril, who plays veteran Marlo Cruz, dishes. "Handcuffing I'm still a little bit rough on, but holding my firearm I've got down pat!"

Video: William Shatner Schools Freshmen of 'Rookie Blue'

Check out the video to see both the familiar and new faces of Rookie Blue show off their best modeling poses.

The season four premiere of Rookie Blue airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.