This Season's Most Tantalizing Cliffhangers


The past TV season ended with some major cliffhangers, further whetting our appetite for our favorite shows to return. In case you missed them, here are some of this season's most tantalizing cliffhangers.

NCIS: Los Angeles
came to an excruciating end with LL Cool J's "Sam Hanna" awaiting torture from a Russian arms dealer as he watches his partner be tortured in front of him.

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A torture of a different variety was seen on the season finale of The Good Wife as Julianna Margulies' "Alicia Florrick" agonizes over deciding to stay with her husband or running off with her colleague.

The scandalous affair at the heart of Scandal also took a drastic turn, as Kerry Washington's "Olivia Pope" was exposed to others as the mistress of the U.S. president.

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Amid all the mental and physical torture and rampant scandal on this season's TV finales, there was a joyous occasion filled with love on Grey's Anatomy as Ellen Pompeo's "Meredith Grey" gave birth.

Check out the video above to catch up on all of this season's alluring cliffhangers.