Kim's Baby Gender Reveal Gives Series a Bump


Three million viewers tuned in to learn the gender of Kim Kardashian's baby on Sunday, making it the most-watched season premiere of Keeping with the Kardashians in just as many years.

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Given that Kim, 32, revealed the sex of her baby with beau Kanye West (it's a girl!) on national TV, the question becomes—will the pair also debut their bundle of joy on the popular E! series? Michael O'Connell, Staff Editor for The Hollywood Reporter, weighs in.

"We might not see her as much as the other sister's babies, but I expect we might see some of that," he predicts.

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As for the season 8 ratings boost aided by Sunday's big reveal, O'Connell believes if the series' stars continue to share their life milestones with fans, KUWTK could flourish for years to come.

"Weddings and births have has always been huge for that show," he said. "If that can sustain itself, I think it could last a couple more years."