Denise Richards on Raising Her Kids in Hollywood

Denise Richards on Raising Her Kids in Hollywood

As an actress and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards and her family are constantly in the media spotlight, something which affects not only her but also her three children.

While ET caught up with Richards to talk about her new ABC Family drama Twisted, the 42-year-old, who has two daughters with Sheen and adopted her third child in 2011, discussed raising her children in Hollywood.

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"This is all they know and all I know, as a mom—I grew up differently in Illinois," said Richards, who was raised in a suburb 20 miles from Chicago. "I think it's not just Hollywood; I think it's what you make your home and your matter where you're at. ... I guess it's what you make of it."

A continuous facet of Hollywood scrutiny is body image, for which Richards herself was recently criticized when she was targeted for photos of her svelte figure. She says she's trying to instill a positive notion of body image to her daughters.

"I like to have a very healthy lifestyle, but I think things [are best] in moderation and when I exercise, I tell the girls that it's to keep me strong and healthy," Richards said. "...So, they look at it as being strong and healthy instead of skinny and trying to be thin."

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Richards plays "Karen Densai" on Twisted, mother of Avan Jogia's character "Danny," of whom her daughters are big fans after watching him on the Nickelodeon series Victorious, featuring Victoria Justice.

"When I first got the pilot, I was like, 'Guess who's playing my son?'—they were watching 'Victorious'—and I said, 'Avan,' and they're like, 'Mom!?!'" Richards recounted.

The mystery series, which aired its pilot in March, follows Jogia's Danny as he returns to his hometown after killing his aunt at 11 years old. Richards ensures that the title is an apt fit for the show.

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"The show is very twisted and I love that it's got some mystery," she previewed. "...It's kind of a sexier show, I think, for ABC Family and it's got a lot of edge to it. It's fun. I love it. ... Our writers are fantastic so it's fun to see where everyone's character goes."

premieres June 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.