Feel It! Inside Wendy Williams' Feisty New Theme


No need to ask Wendy Williams how she's doing! The lively talk show host recently found great success with her daytime staple (which will enjoy an unprecedented two-month extension this summer), and to top it off, Wendy is remixing her famous theme song to reflect what she calls a "spicy" launch into season five.

Only ET was on the set with the woman of the hour as she and 100's of extras spent the day shooting a lively show new opener, premiering in the fall, in New York City's Central Park.

Pics: Star Sightings!

"The concept is 'feel it,' and 'say it like you mean it,'" said Wendy of her new season, promising a more "passionate" program for her beloved "Wendy watchers."

"We've remixed our theme song that we've been using for the past four seasons and it's going to be spicier for season five," she explained. "It's accompanied by me and a bunch of young people fluttering around in the sun and dancing."

As for taking on juicy topics in the summer months, Wendy told ET she can't wait to delve into the stories her peers (who've taken the season off) won't.

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"I have to be on TV when Kim [Kardashian] delivers the baby!" she said, adding that she is currently obsessed with the trials and tribulations (as well as the unsatisfactory hair piece) of former child star Amanda Bynes.

"Oh Amanda," Wendy lamented. "Amanda could start with a brush and a flat iron and maybe a human hair wig. It looked like it was a synthetic wig. I feel for her."

Click the video above for more of our interview Wendy, plus a behind-the-scenes first look at her brand-new theme song and video!

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New episodes of The Wendy Williams Show will air weekdays through June and July this summer. Season five is set to launch in early September.