'Men at Work' Finale: Trouble In Paradise for Neal

'Men at Work' Finale: Trouble In Paradise for Neal

The guys are at it again. Working, living and stirring trouble in their comedic world of Men at Work. And with the Season 2 finale right around the corner, the question is -- what will these four dynamic dudes get into next? The answer spells trouble in paradise for Neal.

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In this sneak peek of the episode "Weekend At PJ's,"' Franklin & Bash's Mark Paul-Gosselaar guest stars as Tim, Amy's (Meredith Hagner) old boyfriend who pops up, toting tales of worldly success and laying on the charm and charisma.

On the flipside, Tim is every dad's dream come true for their little girl and the same goes for Amy's dad PJ, played by J.K Simmons. As a doctor for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders -- strong, good-looking and smart -- he's pretty much the exact opposite of Meredith's nerdy boyfriend Neal, played by Adam Busch.

"So what are we all talking about here?" Neal asks at a dinner with Tim and the guys. "Just a boring story about a vaccine we discovered in a bush," Tim nonchalantly replies of his miraculous accomplishment.

"Let me guess, it's called 'Tim-icillin'?" Neal snarkily asks. "Not officially. Though that's what the villagers call it in a song that they sing about me," quips Tim.

The macho-measuring doesn't end there as Neal tries to outdo Tim to prove his worth, but fails miserably.

The Men at Work season 2 finale airs Thursday June 6 at 10/9c on TBS.

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Franklin & Bash's upcoming Season 3 premiere airs on TNT June 19 at 9/8C with a back-to-back new episode at 10/9C.