'The Challenge: Rivals' Returns - First Look!


They came, they saw, they clashed. A lot. Now, 32 of The Challenge's most antagonistic adversaries are returning to the game they love so much for a chance to bury the hatchet in the name of $350,000 and ETonline has your first look at the just-released trailer for The Challenge: Rivals II!

A game that has, once again, reunited former lovers CT and Diem! And while, unlike last time, they're not paired together, their rocky relationship history is once again a centerpiece of the season.

So take a gander at the tear and blood-stained trailer and then get a load of the team breakdowns below!

Male Teams

-CT (Real World: Paris) & Wes (Real World: Austin)
-Jordan (Real World: Portland) & Marlon (Real World: Portland)
-Knight (Real World: New Orleans) & Preston (Real World: New Orleans)
-Zach (Real World: San Diego) & Trey (Real World: St. Thomas)
-Dunbar (Real World: Sydney) & Tyrie (Real World: Denver)
-Frank (Real World: San Diego) & Johnny (Real World: Key West)
-Derek (Real World: Cancun) & Robb (Real World: St. Thomas)
-Ty (Real World: DC) & Leroy (Real World: Las Vegas)

Female Teams

-Paula (Real World: Key West) & Emily (Real World: DC)
-Sarah (Real World: Brooklyn) & Trishelle (Real World: Las Vegas)
-Nany (Real World: Las Vegas) & Jonna (Real World: Cancun)
-Cooke (Real World: Las Vegas) & Naomi (Real World: Las Vegas)
-Camila (The Challenge: Cutthroat) & Jemmye (Real World: New Orleans)
-Anastasia (Real World: Portland) & Jessica (Real World: Portland)
-Diem (Fresh Meat) & Aneesa (Real World: Chicago)
-Jasmine (Real World: Cancun) & Theresa (Fresh Meat II)

The Challenge: Rivals II
premieres Wednesday, July 10 at 10 p.m. on MTV. On June 26 at 10 p.m, MTV will air a Challenges: Rivals II launch special hosted by Snooki & Kenny Santucci that breaks down some the biggest moments in the show's history.