Tania Raymonde on Becoming Jodi Arias


Jodi Arias fascinated the nation earlier this year, and on the heels of her May 8 murder conviction, Lifetime is set to air a made-for-TV movie about the events leading up to the brutal death of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. ET sat down with the actress tasked to play Jodi, Tania Raymonde, who filled us in on how she prepared for the role and what it was like to shoot the infamously gruesome murder scene.

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"It all happened very quickly," recalled Tania of being cast and immediately jumping into filming. "The trial was still going on and I was still starting to get to know Jodi and I just sort of dove into it."

Though Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret began shooting months into the trial, Tania tells ET that the guilty verdict had no real bearing on filming as the production was more so based on the turbulent relationship between Jodi and Travis rather than the proceedings.

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One of the most memorable moments of the trial however, the graphic details of Travis's death, play centrally into the Lifetime tale. Reenacting the brutal murder was a task Tania was not well suited for, she revealed.

"It was really challenging," explained Tania. "We'd all seen so much of the autopsy photos, and crime scene photos, and I'd seen them so many times that they were kind of grained in my subconscious. And so to reenact that in excruciating detail was like, really, emotional and very shocking."

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Click the video above for more from Tania including how she thinks Jodi might react if she ever gets the opportunity to watch the film.

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret is set to premiere June 22 on Lifetime.