Molly Tarlov Previews Tonight's 'Awkward' Finale!


While the "Will She? Won't She?" with Jenna and Collin has been a huge focal part of Awkward's third season, I have been particularly enamored with Sadie's storyline this season. From leaning on Matty for support to finding herself on an island unto herself, Sadie's soul (yes, she has one) has been on prominent display all season long.

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Turns out, Molly Tarlov and I are on the same page when it comes to her character's friendship with Matty. "That's probably my favorite part of this season, the Sadie and Matty friendship," Tarlov told me when she stopped by ETonline's studios for a chat. And she also reveals the back half of season three will have lots more of those best buds.

In addition to talking about Sadie's BFF, Tarlov gushed over her new movie G.B.F and how Sadie could use one in her life, big time!

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