How Agnes Bruckner Became 'Anna Nicole'


How does one tackle the task of embodying one of Hollywood's most legendary beauties? Actress Agnes Bruckner, who plays Anna Nicole Smith in Lifetime's new biopic based on the star, opens up to ET about the daunting endeavor.  

"It was a lot of work," confessed Bruckner, a self-professed tomboy unaccustomed to the glitz and glamour Smith was known for.

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"She was just beautiful and sexy and she had this way about her, this kind of light that people couldn't take their eyes off of her. She's that person that she walked into a room and it was like, everybody wanted to look at her."

On top of mastering Smith's man-melting ways, Bruckner admits that the model's voluptuous proportions presented somewhat of an obstacle for the slim and trim actress.

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"We had these prosthetic breasts that we ended up using," she said, making light of the fact that her own bust line pales in comparison to that of the late beauty. "I don't think that has ever been done before. They were really amazing. They looked real and the guys did an amazing job."

Anna Nicole, premiering June 29 on Lifetime, chronicles the true life story of the late Playboy model and actress, who grew up in a small Texas town before rising to fame and ultimately passing away from an apparent overdose of prescription drugs at 39.