Exclusive: Faux Kardashians' Employee Training


As one of the most prominent families in reality TV, the Kardashians are the recipients of heaps of media and public attention, which occasionally entails some parodies like the featured exclusive spoof put on by Stevie TV.

In the sneak peek, former YouTube impersonator Stevie Ryan mimics Kim Kardashian, imitating everything from her speech pattern to her make-up to her curvy figure, as she and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney give an employee tutorial for their clothing store DASH.

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"If you're watching this video, congratulations on becoming a member of the DASH family," faux Kim says choppily as sister Khloe enters. "You are like a sister to us, except you're not because you are more like our slave."

This isn't the only time Stevie has impersonated Kim Kardashian, as she posed as the reality star in the premiere episode of Stevie TV last year.

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Check out the exclusive faux DASH employee training video above, which covers all the basics, from showing up to work to washing your hands after using the restroom.

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