Alcoholic 'Tea Time' Turns Ugly for 'Bridezilla'


Bridezillas is back with a vengeance as DezJuan of Akron, OH, tries to calm her wedding-day jitters with a few healthy swigs of wine, which she affectionately refers to as "a cup of tea." Watch a crazy, exclusive clip from this Friday's show!

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DezJuan, aka Dez, envisions a perfect wedding day studded with rhinestones and hot pink chiffon, and this attention-hungry bride isn’t happy unless her guests are blinded with bling. Can her special "cup of tea" calm her demeanor three hours before walking down the aisle? Or will it unleash her alcohol-fueled alter ego, "Lola," who comes out like The Hulk when she gets angry?

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Find out what happens when Bridezillas airs Friday night at 8/7c on We tv.