'Bachelorette's Mr. America' Comp Gets Steamy

'Bachelorette's Mr. America' Comp Gets Steamy

ET recently paid a set visit to The Bachelorette during their Atlantic City, New Jersey date, during which Desiree's remaining suitors compete for the title of "The Bachelorette's Mr. America!"

The guys get pageant-ready with the help of Miss America Mallory Hagan in tonight's episode, but as you can see in our exclusive footage, getting their catwalk down and perfecting a talent is much harder than it first appears.

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"What you're gonna see today is a disaster," Bachelorette host Chris Harrison tells ET. "A bit of a train wreck with a dumpster fire -- and if you put those things together -- that's probably what you're gonna see. ... I'm guessing these guys can practice for the next 10 years, and it's still gonna be a dumpster fire."

But according to the Bachelorette herself, the guys don't have to score a perfect 10 to get her attention -- so long as they can show they have a great sense of humor.

"You know, I'm looking for someone who could just have fun with it -- who can be spontaneous and not necessarily be the best at this competition, but you know, just have fun and be able to laugh at themselves a little bit," Desiree explains. " ... I don't need a husband that's a baton twirler."

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Check out this exclusive clip to see the guys practice their pageant moves, as well as one particular suitor's steamy "dance/fitness routine" talent, which quickly veers into Magic Mike territory!

The Bachelorette's Atlantic City date airs Monday, at 8 p.m. on ABC.