Week Four: Desiree Lets Two Lukewarm Lovers Go


Thirteen eligible men bid farewell to the Bachelor mansion and said hello to Atlantic City, New Jersey Monday night to embark on the around-the-world portion of their quest to woo Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. 

Accountant/DJ Brad McKinzie was the first to earn a one-on-one this week, and Des didn't venture far from the hotel for their date, opting to take in the thrills of the boardwalk as she attempted to become better acquainted with the single dad.

Though the fun-filled day had the pair often smiling from ear-to-ear, conversation was awkward from start to finish which made Desiree realize she didn't exactly "see forever" in her suitor.

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"I think that something was missing," she confessed of their time together. "I cannot give you the rose tonight. I didn't want to take any time from you or from Maddox."

Said a tearful-yet-understanding Brad, "She made the right decision for herself."

Next up, the remaining guys (minus Advertising Executive James Case, who earned the second one-on-one for this week) were tasked to take part in their own Mr. America competition, showcasing their minds, bodies and special talents to the delight of a live crowd, Miss America Mallory Hagan, the town Mayor and Desiree herself.

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Eleven men gave it their all, but Kasey Stewart's perfect pecs and tap dance technique ultimately won over the three judges. However, when gifting of the night's rose came around, Zac Waddell, not Kasey, was bestowed a stem from the woman of the hour after winning her over with a heartfelt song he wasn't able to complete during the Mr. America competition.

After the excitement of the group date, Desiree chose to play it a little more low-key with James. The twosome hopped on a helicopter to view the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, meeting up with a couple whose home was nearly destroyed by the super storm on their 38th wedding anniversary. Touched by their story, the pair gifted their planned date at the House of Blues in Atlantic City to the grateful pair and opted instead for an intimate and inexpensive dinner of Italian food and beer where James confessed he committed infidelity with the most serious girlfriend in his past. Despite the surprising revelation, Des thanked her date for his honesty and gifted him with the sought-after flower.

When it finally came down to the rose ceremony, Book Publisher Zack Kalter was given the boot and the surprised suitor sheds a tear looking back on his time with Des.

"I'm shocked. I don't know why this happened," said Zack. "It's a hard thing to grasp that something you think could have been so great is actually, in fact, not great and not going to work."

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Tune in next Monday to see Des and the final eleven take in the sights of Munich, Germany when The Bachelorette returns for week five on ABC.