Exclusive: 'Brain Games' Season Finale Clip


Lying, in whatever capacity, is something that everyone can admit to doing at least every once in a while. In ETonline's exclusive clip of the National Geographic series Brain Games, we discover a way to detect a lie when we see, not hear, one.

The season finale of Brain Games examines, through a series of games and experiments, why we lie, how often we lie, and what happens in the brain that permits us to not tell the truth.

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The game we see in the featured clip is comprised of deception specialist Apollo Robbins playing a card-picking game with a few strangers. As he attempts to guess the players' cards through "mindreading," Robbins reveals a technique that even a layman could try.

The premise of the card-guessing game is that Robbins has instructed the players to only respond "no" to his questions about their potential card, ultimately forcing them to fib about their card.

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By looking at their facial expression and having a previous image of what the player's face looks like when he/she lies, one can then determine which card out of the deck the player has selected.

Watch the exclusive video above to try the technique yourself and check out the season finale of Brain Games on Monday, June 24 at 9 p.m. on NatGeo.