Behind 'Hot in Cleveland's' First-Ever Live Show


Hot in Cleveland
got the laughs going once again on Wednesday night, but this time with their first-ever live show. ET was exclusively on the set of the Betty White sitcom during the taping and caught up with the cast and guest stars afterwards.

Although it was a nerve-wracking experience for the actors, who are accustomed to having the luxury of filming multiple takes, they said it was a blast and a rush to tape the show live.

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"It's like being in love. ... Everything is so heightened and so wonderful that you want to savor it but it flies by," Wendie Malick ("Victoria Chase") said of the experience. "This was just a blast."

Despite the added pressure of filming live, the cast was given some relief in the form of some talented, well-known guest stars, including William Shatner, Shirley Jones, Community's Danny Pudi, and The Office's Brian Baumgartner.

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"It's really fun. I came from theater, and to do something live and with Betty White is such an honor and a pleasure," Baumgartner said. "We had a really fun week all week. It felt like theater again with all the rehearsing...but it was really exciting, very fun."

The wisecracker and star of the sitcom, Betty White, admitted that she flubbed one of her lines but her co-stars were quick to point out that not everything went perfect for them either.

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Flawless or not, the cast enjoyed the live show so much that the experience had them longing for a repeat.

"This is so much more exciting than, I think, anything we've done," Valerie Bertinelli ("Melanie Hope Moretti") said. "I would love to do this every premiere...[but] I think our writers might have something to say about that."

Watch out the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Hot in Cleveland's first live show above and check out the show when it airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TV Land.