More Bad News For Ezria Fans - 'PLL' Sneak Peek

More Bad News For Ezria Fans - 'PLL' Sneak Peek

Prior to last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, some very proactive fans got #FightingforEzria to trend worldwide on Twitter. Well, those 'shippers may want to sit down because in this Jaria-centric sneak peek from next Tuesday's all-new episode, things continue to heat up between Aria and Jake

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In Face Time, the martial arts hottie ends up being an unexpectedly sympathetic shoulder for Aria to lean on while she's struggling with an unexpectedly major Ezra speedbump.

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And while even Jake seems clued in to Aria's enduring feelings for Mr. Fitz, the scenes ends with a moment designed to show Aria, Jake and fans that Ezria is -- temporarily, I'm hoping -- over.

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